5 Fast Ways to Upgrade Your Website (for $0)

5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

If you’ve stopped sending traffic to your website because it hasn’t grown with your business, you’re definitely not the first!

The prospect of overhauling, rebranding, or even just updating a website is so overwhelming for many business owners to face that they literally put it off for years—basically until they absolutely can’t anymore.

If you’re in the boat of “it’s too expensive,” or, “it’s too much work,” you’re in luck. There are actually a few things you can do pretty much instantly to improve your website if you have access to the admin dashboard/back end of things.

Take these 5 steps and see if you don’t feel a weight lift off your shoulders!

5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

#1 – Revisit your CTAs (Calls to Action)

Calls to Action are how you encourage website visitors to.. well, take action!

You should have one overarching action you want all visitors to your site to take, such as “Call for an Appointment,” “Subscribe to Our Newsletter,” or “Sign Up for a Free Trial,” and all the CTAs throughout the pages of your site should lead them easily and naturally to this ultimate action.

For example, “Learn more” could be the CTA on a button on your homepage that leads to all the features that come with a free trial, and the CTA on that page could be, “Sign up for 14-day free trial.”


5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

#2 – Take down any outdated photos

An up-to-date photo snapped on a smartphone is better than an out-of-date professional photo. You don’t want photos of old menu items, staff that no longer work with you, or even what your business location looks like from the street if, say, your signage has changed.

If every time you visit your own site you think, “We really need to take that down and replace it,” chances are, you really should.


5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

#3 – Share a story on your “About” page

Most of your website traffic isn’t interested in a generic description of your business. They already know just by a series of other clues that your restaurant is mom-and-pop rather than a chain, or that your audience is older and wiser instead of young and hip.

Actually, most visitors who click on your “About” tab are wondering why your business is special—and that usually has more to do with the people behind it than the materials you use, or the fact that you partner with local businesses, or where you’re located. So put something interesting here!


5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

#4 – Remove outdated widgets

No one wants to see a cluttered Facebook widget off to the side on your homepage anymore. (Did they ever?) If someone is interested in your Facebook content, she’ll follow you on Facebook! Any social widgets—save for maybe an Instagram feed somewhere low on your site—is just a distraction keeping your visitors from noticing your primary CTA. So get rid of it!


5 Ways to Update Your Website (for $0)

#5 – Change your fonts!

Just like cars, clothes, and colors, fonts can look dated really fast. The typeface you use is a reflection on how much you care about your presentation, and by extension, how much you care about your customers.

You only need 2-3 fonts on most websites for the aesthetic to be clean and consistent. Consider any of the font pairings here, here, or here to get your started cleaning up your fonts!

Was this helpful? I’d love to know! Tell me below, and then come over and shared your updated site with me inside (Girl)Bosses Who Brunch!

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