Alexis the Greek Blog | About Alexis

Hi! I’m Alexis, Alexis the Greek.

I’m a New England-based business stylist for restaurants, wellness brands, and creative professionals.

I’m the person you hire to take a look at your business and find all the places where you could be connecting with your clients better. Whether that’s developing stronger Calls to Action in your funnels (or creating funnels in the first place), improving your PR (or just getting you press), building a better website (or launching your first), I do All The Things so your first impression is a lasting impression, in the best possible way.

But I’m not all work and no play. This blog, this space, is where the rest of me flows over.

On Alexis the Blogger you can discover rising influencers in the online world. You can get photography tips. You can get an inside look at the steps I take to stay sane as a business owner, a visionary, and a creative human who sometimes bites off more than she can chew. You can learn where I’m going to find good vegetarian eats, and sometimes even what I’m cooking at home. You can read how to dress better, speak more memorably, and get where you want to go faster.

All that, and with pretty pictures, too.

If you want to join a growing secret society of men and women who are creating freedom for themselves through intentional living and enjoyable work, pop your contact info into the fields in the sidebar on this page, and you’ll be invited to my next live coaching call on business and life! You won’t want to miss them; they are fun and positive and the people who attend are just lovely. If you’re not sure yet, just keep browsing. I try to create value in all that I do, and I guarantee you’ll find something useful here!